New Taxi On Demand Smartphone App


New York, New York (PRWEB) November 21, 2016


Following a highly-successful beta launch that led to 100,000+ downloads, the E-HAIL taxi app goes live Monday, November 21, 2016 in New York City, with other cities to be announced in the coming weeks. This completely free tool, which is compatible with all major smart phones and tablets, allows users to hail a taxi cab with one tap.

E-HAIL president Michael Krisher says interest in the full-feature version of the software has already been strong. “Since it first showed up on iTunes and the Google App Store, new users have been downloading and installing E-HAIL faster than we expected.”

He adds that E-HAIL fills a void in the market by offering the kind of powerful app with numerous features customers want, but that many small taxi companies can’t afford to provide. With just one tap of the screen, users can call a cab from anywhere, be given an estimated wait time, and get a notification when their ride has arrived. They can even set a regular pickup spot if they need a taxi on a regular basis.

Krisher acknowledges that E-HAIL could be seen as a direct competitor to popular ride sharing apps like Uber and Lyft, but feels his product is superior in many ways and will be continually advancing.

“Ride sharing apps are really encouraging amateurs to serve as occasional taxi drivers. But in many cases, these individuals don’t have the background screening, qualifications, or even proper insurance for that type of work.”

“Professional taxi drivers are trained and licensed,” he adds. “They are subject to tighter regulations, and are required to take better care of the vehicles they drive. There are protections in place to ensure they give customers a safe, positive experience.”

Krisher also points out most riders would prefer to have a professional behind the wheel. “A regular taxi driver is going to know where he’s going, and how to treat customers. They have the permits to arrange pickups where ride sharing drivers can’t, like airports and bus terminals. Plus, they have the training and equipment to safely transport disabled passengers. Who would want to ride in a stranger’s car when they could be driven around by a professional without any extra hassle?”

James Kellen, a taxi driver from Brooklyn, echoed those remarks. “At a time when it seems like everyone with a car feels like they can make money driving for a few hours a week, it’s nice to have a way to let customers know the professionals are still here. People forget real taxis are for the most part safer, faster, and less expensive.” He adds that he considers the new app to be more of a partnership than a tool. “The company has been great about standing up for drivers like me who did the work to get licensed and insured.”

With the growing popularity of E-HAIL, the company expects it will continue expanding its network of local drivers and businesses rapidly in the coming months. “This is something people have been crying out for,” Krisher says. “We are glad to be able to give them the kind of safe, convenient, and professional experience they’ve been looking for when they need a ride.”

E-HAIL is available on iPhone or Android devices via iTunes and the Google App Store. To learn more about E-HAIL, visit their website at